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Payback LTD Review – Is Pay Back a Trusted Recovery Company? (Payback-ltd.com)

by daisy

Scammers always want their victims to believe they can’t reverse completed transactions. That forces most people to accept that the loss was among the many investment risks. However, that should not be the case. You can challenge online fraudsters and receive refunds. How is that possible? Financial platforms such as Payback LTD offer scam retrieval services to individuals that have encountered shady investment deals. True enough, you will meet many firms offering similar services. Let us analyze what a legit funds recovery company should have in this Payback LTD review.

Payback LTD Review

Payback LTD Overview

PaybackLTD is an Israel-based scam recovery company established to safeguard online investors from fraudulent deals. The firm focuses on Binary Options and unregulated forex brokers. Meanwhile, their services go beyond that, as Paybackltd.com can fight many scam types, including romance and betting scams.

They accomplish that by destroying transaction funnels that scammers use. Payback LTD has helped several victims recover money lost to different scam types. The company’s team comprises highly skilled staff with massive banking and online trading know-how. You can contact Paybackltd.com whenever you meet investment deals that go wrong.

Payback LTD’s staff researches everything about the fraudulent platform and exposes loopholes that the scammers have before proceeding to recover the scammed money. The wealth retrieval firm uses global banking lays to reverse transactions made to scam businesses. Generally, the company asks clients to pay upfront fees to kick-start the retrieval and a success charge after successful recoveries. Pay Back employs all the necessary means to reverse the payment, stopping after exhausting all options.


The company charges fees after the claim analyst assesses the case. Remember, Payback LTD will only proceed with your case after it appears winnable. That alleviates the issue of spending more cash, as you can terminate the process before it starts. First and foremost, PaybackLTD has a free consultation, meaning you can explain your case without any fees.

That remains an essential feature as most scam victims won’t be ready to transact online after losing their savings to shady deals that appeared legit. In addition, the company charges upfront to start the case after the claim agent evaluates the claim. These charges range between $600 and $1,200, which could be more depending on the scam case.

Also, the firm informs victims about success charges, which come after the cash retrieval. Remember, the pricing model remains case-specific. For example, customers might pay a $700 processing fee plus a 10% success charge, while another might pay $2K with a 5% fee after a successful recovery. The best thing is you can negotiate for friendlier pricing.

Pay Back LTD’s Recovery Process

Payback LTD forwards the case to a retrieval agent after the scam victim accepts the terms. Then, the recovery agent cooperates with the client to build the case against the fraudulent company or broker. At this point, Payback-ltd.com requires the customer to provide details about communications and transactions associated with the scammer. That includes presenting bank receipts, text messages, recorded phone calls, and more.

Recovery agents are usually professionals with massive experience as far as banking and online trading are concerned. They know the channels that scammers use and how to trace their footprints. Payback LTD agents speak English. Prepare to interact with former forensic accounts, former bank employees, and licensed financial analysts. Furthermore, recovery agents undergo three-month fund retrieval training before handling a scam case. Payback LTD has hired individuals involved in scam deals to use their experience and know-how to track fraudsters.

Final Thought

Payback LTD offers scam recovery services to individuals who have suffered from online fraud. The company boasts a tremendous experience in the banking and trading world. They have a flexible pricing model with case-specific fees. Also, Payback-ltd.com’s skilled agents contribute to the company’s high success rate. You can count on this company as far as scam recoveries are concerned.

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